Mr Dragonfly’s music voyage begins at the end of 2010. After 4 years, 3 Renaissance albums and 33 songs, someone in Miraloop talks about 10 albums and at least one hundred of songs.. The Renaissance 3, containing Hiroshima Mon Amour, Born to Shine, Magicamentemia, la Fontana, gives definetively a crown to this music journey, showing its real face: a sort of compilation of the italian artist, without rules and limits, where you can see the “italian side” of all the mainstream pop music, electronica, ambient, ballad, dance. Try to imagine if Italy gave money to Colombo (Columbus) or… all the Sea Republics of Italy got united in the XV century…now we could have an italian renaissance global culture…Exactly what’s in Gerolamo’s mind when he writes these songs. All the ancient musical influences of a glorious past go in the next future with an electronic and futuristic skin. This is the only one music experiment following this direction, enjoy!